How to Dip Your Face into the Ocean and Leave This World Behind

by James Siegel

Now, of course, you cannot see anything. Smells of low tide on a summer day in Brooklyn grow distant: Dorito's bags, condoms, needles abandoned, bake in the sun; cacophonies of seagulls and boomboxes, languages and waves, your heart thrumming against the heat. How long will this water hold you? A child learning to swim, your naked body pressed against the hairy stomach of your father, his arms and calloused hands lifting you. Urges to breathe. Bubbles tickle your nose, cheeks; gurgles in your ears. It’s just flotsam. Just some flotsam attracted to your aura. Bouncing down your side it’s gone. You can stay here for hours, an embrace embraced.


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Writers Bio

James Siegel’s poetry and prose have appeared in, among others, The Lost Sparrow, The Modern Review, The Oklahoma Review, the Lynx Theatre Company in NYC, The Paterson Literary Review, CAIRN, The New York Times, The Caribbean Writer, Off the Coast, The Cherry Blossom Review, Argestes Literary Review, and Beloved on the Earth: 150 Poems of Grief and Gratitude. He holds an MFA from USM’s Stonecoast and a BFA from Brooklyn College. He is a Gifted and Talented Consultant for Portland Public Schools and lives with his wife and greyhound in Portland, Maine. 

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