The Printed Word

by Agnes Clarke

The Sacraments on parchment

The Bible in book form

The printed word holds learning still

In this world where computers were born


Within the playroom books are treasured

As a child’s eyes light up with glee

A favourite story cherished dearly

When read with love on mum’s warm soft knee


Bath time over and snuggled deep

That night time story before dreamy sleep

Fairy tale castles and princes so fair

Giants that rescue from trees high in the air


The classroom of life in school is taught well

Each page in the book a lesson that dwells

As years pass on quickly the mind searches far

With critique and research each pathway ajar


Words printed clearly in black on white ground

Mysteries, murders, and love stories those novels abound

Sports of all kinds and the medals won well

Reported in newspaper pages that sell


Work manuals of all kind in the library found

As student’s study deeply hoping answers to find

Those books full of wonder, the printed word

Pages of knowledge read and absorbed


Bound in leather or paper each page is a seed

Growing as knowledge like the dandelion weed

Deep in our conscious awakened with glee

This gift from childhood on a parent’s knee



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Writers Bio

I have been writing poetry for quite a few years

I enjoy the challenge of creating my verse especially from pictures

I live in Lisburn N Ireland and have been married to John for 53 years

I am a retired housewife and grandmother to Jacob and Jesse


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