The Hunter of Words

by Linda Imbler

I was never a predator

until I discovered the prey of books.


Like the last call at the bar,

I tell myself I must finish

the current chapter

before closing the cover’s door.


My reader’s attitude never grows jaded.


Every re-read of Pinter’s Betrayal

is more bitter than before.

Each revisit to Narnia,

a fresh slice of Heaven’s sweet pastry.


For too soon the pulse of life is stilled,


And while, many say that at worst,

death is a nothingness.

I disagree.

At worst, it’s a place without books.


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Writers Bio

Linda Imbler has four published poetry collections and one hybrid ebook of short fiction and poetry. She is a Kansas-based Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net Nominee. More information can be found at

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