The Climb to Wonderment

by Agnes Clarke

The mountain called with a lonely cry

Heard only by the wind and sky

While within the soul incessantly

His longing heart beat restlessly


Like the eagle flies with careless grace

Over heights that man desires

Those peaks that reach and point on high

To diamonds bright in a velvet sky


Legs brushed gently by foliage the stony path he found

In solitude the silence broken only by footsteps sound

With flashlight as a tracer pervading the climb ahead

As an alien in space searching for a universe to tread


At last on summit high that majesty he found

Standing on the precipice of wonder all around

Heavens night time shroud above in glittering space

Reaching throughout the universe in royal colour traced


In inky blue to purple the midnight sky holds tenderly

Each star in twinkling beauty as a child on its mother’s knee

While like fireworks with purpose the comets abound

Encircling brightly on their way to the ground


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Writers Bio

I have been writing poetry for quite a few years

I enjoy the challenge of creating my verse especially from pictures

I live in Lisburn N Ireland and have been married to John for 53 years

I am a retired housewife and grandmother to Jacob and Jesse



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