When the dragon rises

by Laura Moverin

Comet in flight

Like sparks and embers falling

Igniting dreams against the dark night sky

A comet like a shooting star

A ball of cold ice falling fast and far

It touches infinity

Beyond the speed of sound

Almost passing the speed of light

So new and strangely bright

What path what direction have you chosen in your flight?

None except the random pull of planets

The irresistible force of gravity

Pinging you about like a pinball

Your only destiny to burn all you possess

Leaving a flaming omen

The meaning of which we can only guess.


When the dragon rises

Right now I feel as dry as dust

I could float away like a husk of wheat

Water rises in me almost painfully

Tears that pool and fall in clear hot drops

One day I will rise like a dragon

Shucking off this mortal coil

I will travel like a comet of boiling fire

Unconstrained by weight or worry

I will return to the leaping child with her dandy lion

Beyond the reach of space and time

You would barely recognize me

Having only see the glimmer of the spark in my eye.

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Writers Bio

Laura is a queer Brisbane based artist and poet. She mostly works with teenagers as a librarian. A love of writing and words is a hazard of the profession. Laura came to Australia from Africa as a child as part of the great exodus of the 80’s. She has two invisible disabilities, one being dyslexia.

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