A Clean Hard Edge

by Mark Blickley

            Without Luke’s consent or knowledge, Erin Louise entered a competition for a six-week painting and drawing workshop to be held in Tangier, Morocco, sponsored by their alma mater. Her congratulatory acceptance letter arrived in the morning mail, signed by the workshop leader. It included a P.S. that urged her to call him immediately at the enclosed extension number. She obeyed.

            “These carbon drawings incorporate an ephemeral, yet taut and liberating line.

            “Thank you,” said Erin Louise.

            “But more importantly,” he continued,” they all seem to possess a clean, hard edge.”

            Erin Alice continued to press the phone receiver against her cheek long after the professor had hung up the phone.  When she finally placed the landline phone back into it’s cradle, it immediately rang.

            “Who the hell were you talking to for nearly twenty minutes and why did you ignore call waiting? ” her husband screamed.

            As Luke babbled on about her self-indulgent ignoring of his call, she wrote a nine-hundred dollar deposit check to the School of Visual Arts and circled June 9th in red ink on the tiny calendar inside her purse.

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