2019-08-25 - Rage

Each frame is a stroke, unimagined

Born on the New Year of 1984 in the UAE to immigrant Indian parents, Sami Ha Zen had a childhood of embracing the Middle East — a melting pot for cultural diversities. Torn between the abstracts of living, she turned into writing at the tender age of eight.

Following the traditional Indian Muslim customs, she was married off at the age of 15 and had two children as a teenager. After the relationship came to an end, she went on to pursue journalism at various organizations in the Gulf region — particularly Qatar and UAE. Sami has been covering various film festivals during the tenure including the Doha Tribecca Film Festival, Ajyal Film Festival, Gulf Film Festival, Dubai International Film Festival to name a few. She has also interacted with directors like Abbas Kiarostami, Elia Suleiman, Mira Nair, Robert De Nero etc.

Along with her journalistic passion, she developed a keen interest in the traditions of desert countries in the Middle East and North Africa. She became an avid follower of political, cultural and artistic evolutions happening in the region.

Unable to segregate different strata of customs, yet able to enjoy each one of them to its core, Sami’s solace turned into visual art forms — painting, installations, artifacts etc. Awed by observing human interactions in strife-ridden countries, words seem unable to express her desires for others and she aspires to tell tales of hope through unique images. Sami is currently married to experimental filmmaker Hasainar and lives in the UAE, exploring journalism and understanding the nuances of art world.

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