Going Away

by Rebecca L. Brown

Not casually tossed aside, only placed. She slumped in the doorway, resting her head against the solid wood frame. Today the world was spinning. Again. This wasn’t who she was, not who she wanted to be, but one drink had turned into two (and two into seven) so quickly.

The swirl of a beach umbrella, reds and whites blurring into a sickening pink glow. He span it in the light, his face glowing with laughter, then placed it carefully by the door and headed off in search of other games. Her knees buckled and she sank, lop-sided, to the floor.

They had always laughed together, walked hand in hand through the park. They had bought ice-creams every Friday afternoon; he had always dotted a little onto her nose and laughed as she tried to lick it off. Then one day he was gone, the only thing to show he had ever even been here a few scribbled words on a page.

“Can we go now Mum?” Distant words, a small, soft hand shaking her shoulder as her head lolled. She looked up into those innocent eyes, wide with concern now, and hated herself a little bit more.

She felt the sobs growing inside her before the tears came, great gulping shudders which shook her shoulders uncontrollably. He took a step back, afraid, unsure, glanced over his shoulder as if to ask some hidden friend for advice. Then, he knelt down, resting his head against her chest and wrapping tiny arms around her shoulders.

“It’s OK Mum, it’s OK,” They rocked together gently, the beach all but forgotten.

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Writers Bio

Rebecca L. Brown (25) is a British writer currently based in Cardiff, South Wales where she lives with her partner and assorted menagerie. She has recently returned to writing medium-length, short and flash fiction pieces (including micro-fiction), after a short break which felt considerably longer than it was. Rebecca specialises in horror, SF, humour, surreal and experimental fiction, although her writing often wanders off into other genres and gets horribly lost. Updates and examples of Rebecca’s work can be found on her Twitter page @rlbrownwriter and at her blog Bewildering Circumstances (available at http://bewilderingcircumstances.blogspot.com/ )

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