Bittersweet Invasion

by Tim Philippart

Never, did I petition you to splash me. I never would. Never knowing what color was, how could I ask for it?   Alone in my grayness, age etched across my face, a simple study in stone, quite content to be alone.   When your colors came, I didn't resist. How could I? I am the victim.   I admit your warmth was soothing. The way it slid across me was more than a little good.   But, some days you never arrived. When you visited you always left. That was darker than never knowing you which was much more than a little bad.

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Writers Bio

Every now and then, Tim Philippart writes some prose and poetry.  Once in a while, some gets published.  He sold his business in 2015 and, now, is learning to write.  Contact him at or visit his blog at Bio

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