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October 2009
October 2009 inspiration artwork ~ by Chris Howard -click here to view-

October 2009 edition:

'Ephemerality' ~ by Mercedes M. Yardley -click here to view-

'Until My Love Stops Roaming' ~ by Lyn C. A. Gardner -click here to view-

'Chatter of a White Scaly-Gull' ~ by Deirdre M. Murphy -click here to view-

'Bright Eyes' ~ by Belen Lopez -click here to view-

November 2009
November 2009 inspiration artwork ~ by Arlene Tribbia -click here to view-

November 2009 edition:

'Squog' ~ by Mat Larsen -click here to view-

'Damn Dog' ~ by Chris Deal -click here to view-

'His Dogness' ~ by Antonia Clark -click here to view-

December 2009
December 2009 inspiration artwork ~ by Maggie Barra -click here to view-

December 2009 edition:

'Anointed' ~ by Lena Judith Drake -click here to view-

'Les Danseuses' ~ by Joseph Hesch -click here to view-

'If Duncan Had Daughters' ~ by Holly Schwartz-Coignat -click here to view-

'When Elements Collide' ~ by Patricia La Barbera -click here to view-

'These Are Different Fates' ~ by George Moore -click here to view-

'The Yearning of the Lighthouse Fairies' ~ by Brenda Blakey -click here to view-

'To Keep the World Turning' ~ by Salena Casha -click here to view-

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